Terms and Conditions of Service


Thank you for choosing Quirky Kid as a service provider.

Here we set out the terms on which we provide our services. Please read through this carefully and let us know if you have any questions.  

When you make an appointment with the Clinic and If you continue to make appointments with the Clinic and to use our services, you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms. These terms will be binding on the referring parent(s), carer or agency or their representative named in the intake form.

Appointments & Cancellations

You can book an appointment with us by phone or online. We provide consultation at our clinical location, via telehealth or online. We may send you appointment confirmation and reminders by email, text or other methods – but it is your responsibility to come at the agreed time. 
It is very important that you are ready for your consultation at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment so that we are ready to start at the scheduled time. Due to the nature of the services we offer, however, appointment start times can be delayed by 15 minutes. 
If you make an appointment, you agree with our  Cancellations and Re-schedule Policy This means that  i f you make an appointment with Quirky Kid and do not attend, you will still be charged the full fee. 

Fees, Expenses and Billing

We will charge you professional's fees for the services provided to you in accordance with our Schedule of Fees. Unless you are an NDIS participant where the NDIS Schedule of Fees applies.

Please note that our Schedule of Fees is reviewed from time to time but at least every financial year. It is your responsibility to inform yourself of the current and relevant fee prior to making and confirming your appointment. Links to our Schedule of Fees are included in your appointment reminder emails.

  • Bulk Billing
    We do not offer bulk billing arrangements under Medicare.
  • Fee Estimates
    In some cases, we can provide estimates for a course of consultations, a report or an assessment. However, these are indicative only and not binding due to the unpredictability of human nature and psychological treatment.
  • Expenses
    We may incur expenses which may be charged to you as described in the schedule of fees. Your approval will be sought before incurring any expense in excess of $120. 
  • Affordability
    You should make an assessment of the affordability of our services. If you cannot afford our services and request a referral, we may refer you to an alternative service or to an agency that can assist you in locating other services. 
  • Billing
    We require you to provide us with your credit card details before making a booking with us unless we have agreed otherwise. You agree to maintain your Credit Card Details update while requesting our services. Generally, services require upfront payment at least two business days prior to the appointment. Telehealth consultations require payment upon booking. 
  • Financial Responsibility
    The referring parent or carer or agency is liable for the payment of all fees and expenses, including consultation with third parties (eg schools, other parents or carers) unless we agree otherwise in writing. 
  • Credit Card Authority
    By providing us with your credit card details you authorise us to store and use your card to bill you for services scheduled, rendered and any relevant cancellation charges. You review this authorization each time you make a booking or request a service. You can request this authorization to be cancelled, but only after all due fees are paid in full.
  • Payment Method Alternative
    If you do not have a valid credit card, prepayment of a holding deposit of $900 via direct debit.
  • Account Keeping, Dishonour fees  and Collection
    If you provide us with incorrect details or present a card with insufficient funds, we may also charge an administration fee of up to $20 to cover the additional work this creates for our staff. Cancellation of multiple appointments resulting in refunds may also incur a $15 fee.

    Interest at the rate of 10% p.a will be charged on any amounts unpaid after the expiry of 30 days after a tax invoice has been given to you. If it is necessary to commence proceedings to recover payment we will be entitled to charge legal and any debt recovery costs in addition to interest and the original amount. 

Provision of Services

We provide services in accordance with relevant health legislation and other requirements under Medicare, NDIS and private health funds or other schemes.  There is a charter that explains your rights as a client of a psychologist.

  • Use of electronic communications
    Quirky Kid uses email for administrative purposes such as setting up appointments. Invoices and receipts may be emailed as a document attached to an email and may be subject to password protection.

    Please ensure that you provide us with a secure and private email address. Email will not be used for the sending of reports or other sensitive documents as it is not sufficiently secure. If you elect to send Quirky Kid confidential information by email, you accept all risks in this regard and release Quirky Kid from any claim or action relating to accidental or unauthorised disclosure of such information.
  • Services funded or co-funded by state, federal or private schemes
    Please note, that if the services to be provided are funded or partially funded under Medicare, the NDIS or private health insurance (or other schemes), they may be subject to external policies which specify which services we can provide, and the basis on which we must provide them. Our staff will use their best endeavours to explain these policies as and when applicable, however, it is your responsibility to inform yourself of those requirements.
  • Provision of a telehealth service
    To access telehealth consultations you will need access to a quiet, private space; and the appropriate device, i.e. smartphone, laptop, iPad, computer, with a camera, microphone and speakers; and a reliable broadband internet connection. 

    The privacy of any form of communication via the internet is potentially vulnerable and limited by the security of the technology used. To support the security of your personal information this practice uses business-grade technology platforms which are compliant, with the Australian standards, based on all the information currently available to us,  for online security and encryption. 
  • Limitations of telehealth
    A telehealth consultation may be subject to limitations such as an unstable network connection which may affect the quality of the psychology session. In addition, there may be some services for which telehealth is not appropriate or effective. Your psychologist will consider and discuss with you the appropriateness of ongoing telehealth sessions. Where appropriate the service may be provided by telephone or videoconferencing. You are responsible for the costs associated with setting up the technology needed so you can access telehealth services. We will be responsible for the cost of the call to you and the cost associated with the platform used to conduct telehealth services. 

Client Files

Quirky Kid retains all rights (including copyright) on all client files we hold, including (without limitation) consultation notes, and any reports or examinations we may commission from third parties.

You can request access to your files in accordance with the Privacy Policy. There may be fees and charges associated with file access and retrieval and we provide you with a guide to help you manage yoru expectations. 

Children’s files are stored until the later of seven years from the last consultation or until the child turns 25 years of age. After this date, they may be destroyed unless legislation requires otherwise. Your acceptance of these terms constitutes your authority for us to destroy the file after the above period.

Termination of Services

Our services terminate when you instruct us or are the successful completion of treatment. 

Quirky Kid expects parents to conduct themselves appropriately and understand we have a zero-tolerance for any behaviour that intimidates or distress our staff.  Rude, disrespectful, aggressive and intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in us ceasing or refusing to provide services. Fees will not be waived or forgone when an appointment is terminated on this basis.

Quirky Kids may also cease or refuse to provide services where:

  1. Fees or expenses payable by you are outstanding; or
  2. you fail to provide us with clear or timely instructions or information to enable us to advise on your child’s treatment; or
  3. you indicate to your psychologist or they form the view that you have lost confidence in their work; or 
  4. there are any ethical concerns that arise and or your psychologist considers it is in your best interest if they cease acting for you, for example, a conflict of interest.
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