What is your cancellation and re-schedule policy?

This article explains our cancellation and reschedule policy in more detail. Comprehensive information about this policy is available in our Terms and Conditiondocument, and this article is not intended to substitute the Terms and Conditions. 

Our cancellation and/or re-scheduling policy are strictly observed. Cancellation/reschedule fees will apply without 48 business hours notice. Please note that when appointments are longer than one hour, multiple cancellation charges apply.

(in Business Hours)


Zero to 48  hours

Equal to the service fee. For an hour session this is $246.


This policy is essential to ensure the business can meet its many obligations with staff, suppliers, outgoings, and facilities. When a client does not attend or changes appointment arrangements with very short notice, it prevents the business from offering that time to another client. The company still needs to pay for costs and expenses.

The fee you pay covers the cost of the service, not only the time you spend with your psychologists.

Our cancellation policy is strict and is enforced. As such it is important that if you are not sure or can't make an appointment, please contact us as soon as possible.  

Cancellation is a common reason for complaints with our services. We kindly ask clients to consider this policy BEFORE engaging our services. This policy is the minimum guarantee required by us to offer you our services.

We also request that clients be kind and polite to our administration staff when discussing a cancellation as rude, disrespectful, forceful and intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Below, you can find useful answers to the most common questions about the cancellation and reschedule policy.

  • Is there any alternative if I can't attend?
    Yes, we offer two alternatives if you can't attend an appointment instead of charging a fee:

    a) You can complete your appointment over the phone instead. The psychologist will call you to discuss your case during your scheduled time. The fee charged is the same as the scheduled appointment regardless of the call duration. 

    b) If you re-schedule your appointment for the same week, and we have an available appointment, we will not charge you a re-schedule fee.

  • How do I notify you if I need to cancel or re-schedule an appointment?

    You can notify us of your intention to change or cancel an appointment electronically via the confirmation email, or by phoning during business hours. You can also email us, but remember it needs to be received before 48 business hours of your appointment. 

  • My child is sick, or an unforeseen circumstance has taken place, will I still need to pay a cancellation fee?
    Yes, a cancellation fee will still apply if your child is sick or an unforeseen circumstance takes place. However, you can use the alternatives described above. 

  • What happens if I refuse to pay?
    We will try to offer you a variety of options to pay your outstanding cancellation, to pay by instalments for example. However, if you refuse to pay a cancellation fee we will start a collection process that may include a debt collection agency or the small court tribunal. Extra fees and charges apply.
  • Where can I complain?

    As a customer, you can contact the Department of Fairtrade to make a complaint if you feel this is inadequate. 

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