How do you bill for your services?

The Quirky Kid Clinic charges in accordance with a  Schedule of Fees. The schedule is updated yearly and is based on the Australian Psychological Society recommended schedule. The information provided in this article is intended to assist you with the interpretation of the Quirky Kid Schedule of Fees and Terms and Conditions and to answer the Frequently Asked Questions.


When you request and receive a service from a Quirky Kid psychologist in the clinic setting, outside the clinic setting (eg.: school) or over the phone, we will charge your account a fee. The amount charged will correspond to the psychologist billing rate and the time that is taken to provide you with the service. You should always consult the  Schedule of Fees for the itemised fees that we charged.

In addition to the psychologist time, Quirky Kid may charge you for other services such as case management fees or for administrative items like postage, photocopying or phone calls. The additional charges are only billed to you only when it's necessary.

Billing Consent and Information

It is important to note that Quirky Kid has obtained your approval to charge for our services when you first completed our intake form or made a booking with us (see Item 1 of Term and Conditions). The intake form also provides you with all the disclosures and required information that is expected from us from the consumer legislation. In addition, we understand that some people seek psychological services during times of stress. For this reason, our team takes all possible steps to remind you of the likely cost of each service you request from us.  You can always ask us about the cost of a service. 

You pay as you go

At Quirky Kid, we never hold an account in debt. You always pay as you go as perterms and conditions. This means you are always in control of your costs. 

Information about costs is always provided to you by sharing our schedule of fees during:

  1. Your first referral online or over the phone;
  2. On every appointment confirmation;
  3. When you complete the intake form;
  4. During the onboarding  email series;
  5. Via email when you request a service that is likely to exceed one hour in duration.

Example of billed services:

All face-to-face, online and phone consultations by a Quirky Kid psychologist are billed to a client. In addition, there are situations where we will bill for our services when you are not present. Below are some examples of when a service is billed or not billed.

Service Description Is it billed
Billing rate
Making or changing a booking within
cancellation period
No N/A
Speaking with a third party: eg teacher or another health professional Yes At Psychologist rate
Reviewing past reports or communication outside a session Yes At Psychologist rate
Making referrals to other professionals outside a session Yes At Case management rates
Arranging Case conferences with multiple parties on your behalf Yes At Case management rates

Other Important information

Other important information about our billing and terms and conditions include the following:

  • No bill splitting: Only one parent can nominate to pay for the services. If parents are separated or would like to share the cost of the intervention, they need to make a private arrangement in relation to the fees.
  • Minimum charge:  The minimum billing increment we will charge is 30 minutes for services delivered by a psychologist and 6 minutes for case management. Case management tasks are always provided by an assistant.
    Reports and Letters: 
    Reports and letters are NOT included as part of any service and are charged separately.

Frequent Asked Questions: 

Please review the frequently asked questions to provide further information about common billing queries.

Q) Do you offer free or bulk-billed services?
A: No. Quirky Kid is a private clinic, and we work on a fee-for-service basis only.
Q) Do you offer email consultations?
A: No. Quirky Kid psychologists do not provide consultation or advice via email. However, if you or someone else (another parent, school, or another professional service) send us an email in relation to your case, we will review that correspondence and fees and charges will apply for that time if completed outside a consultation time.
Q) Are all services charged the same?
A: No. Each service is charged in accordance with its respective item on the schedule of fees and for the professional that delivers the service to you.
Q) Do you charge for telephone consultations?
Yes. Telephone consultations are charged in accordance with the schedule of fees. 
Q) Do you charge for consultations with a teacher or other professional involved in the care of a patient?
Q) When and how do I pay for my appointments?
Payments are processed up to 48 hours before the scheduled service to the credit card provided by you before your initial consultation
Q) What if I do not have a credit card?
A) If you do not have a credit card, pre-payment of $502 is required, and we may request a deposit.


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