​Reviewing documents, letters, and reports about your child

At Quirky Kid, we are often required to review documents, letters, or reports about your child which have been prepared by other professionals. This article will help you to understand how we bill for this service, why we review these documents, and how we then provide you with feedback about the review.

How we bill for reviewing documents

When we review documents, our usual fee is for 30 minutes of your Psychologist’s time. We find that this is generally enough time for your child's Psychologist to review the material and make any notes or further enquiries they need.

Our rates for this is as per our Schedule of Fees.

Please note that sometimes, if documents are lengthy and complex, we may be required to extend the time our Psychologists need to review these documents. We'll only discuss this with you if the time required exceeds one hour. 

Why we review documents

When our Psychologists work with your child, they have a duty of care to be well informed about your child's circumstances and to make sure they understand the details of any professional assistance your child has received in the past.

We bill for this service because our Psychologists require time to review any material, make notes, and ensure they factor any necessary details into the future case plan for your child. In doing this, our Psychologists are able to be well prepared and to provide your child with a holistic child-centred plan.

How we update you about our review

Depending on how lengthy the documents are, we will either update you about our review - and what it means for your Psychologist’s case plan for your child - in your next session with us, or during an additional phone consultation billed separately.

If you have any questions about this process, reach out and have a chat with us on 02 9362 9297.

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