​Reviewing documents, letters, and reports about your child

At Quirky Kid, we understand the importance of being thoroughly informed about essential aspects of your child's situation. This often involves reviewing documents, letters, or reports prepared by other professionals. This article will help you understand how we bill for this service, why these reviews are important, and how we provide you with feedback about our findings.

Why We Review Documents

Our Psychologists have a duty of care to be fully informed about your child's circumstances. This includes understanding any professional assistance your child has previously received. Reviewing these documents enables our Psychologists to prepare a comprehensive and child-centred plan for your child's care.

We bill for this service as it requires our Psychologists' time to meticulously review any material, take notes, and integrate necessary details into your child's future care plan.

Reviewing Legal Documents

For legal documents such as subpoenas and legal communications, the review process is more intricate and may require the involvement of our principal psychologist. Additional professional fees apply given the complexity and sensitivity of these documents. For details on these specific fees and the process involved, please refer to our section on high-needs cases.

Updating You About Our Review

The length of the documents determines how we update you. For shorter documents, we will discuss our findings in your next session with us. For longer documents, we might schedule an additional phone consultation, which will be billed separately.

Billing for Document Review

Typically, reviewing documents incurs a fee for 30 minutes of your Psychologist’s time. This duration usually is sufficient for your child's Psychologist to examine the material thoroughly, make notes, or conduct further enquiries if needed for most documents we receive.

Our rates for this service are outlined in our Schedule of Fees.

Please note that in cases where documents are particularly lengthy or complex, the time required for review will need to be extended. We will discuss this with you if the review time exceeds one hour.

For any queries about this process, please feel free to reach out to us at 02 9362 9297.

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