High Needs Cases

Every case is unique, and we work very hard at The Quirky Kid Clinic to ensure we understand your needs, history and goals. Our psychologists are trained to conduct clinical formulations that are individualised and specific to each and every client.

Some cases are more complex than others. We refer to such cases as High Needs (HN). HN cases often include:

  • situations of parental separation and divorce where poor communication or conflict is present between parents or caretakers;
  • multiple patients with diagnoses or where multiple agencies are involved;
  • complex needs, such as complex developmental delays, sexual abuse, or violence situations;
  • those currently involving legal matters or reasonably to be anticipated
  • other situations as defined by the Practice e manager and the clinical team from time to time.

Additional Time, Resources and Support

HN cases often require additional resources, time and peer and administrative support to be managed diligently and in accordance with our professional obligations. HN cases also carry a high level of stress and potential disruption to other cases. HN cases often require the following additional resources:

  • peer supervision or external supervision;
  • literature review and research;
  • case planning and review time outside intervention sessions;
  • additional record keeping and file management time;
  • communication with other stakeholders;
  • case management time.

Billing Procedures

HN cases are billed at 1.5 x the rate of standard consultations. HN cases will often require the assignment of a case manager that works together with the psychologist and the parties involved. A case manager’s time is billed in addition to the psychologist’s time.

Our schedule of fees defines the exact hourly rate for HN cases and the hourly rate of a case manager.

High Needs Classification

A referral may be classified as a HN case during the initial intake call if it becomes obvious that it meets certain conditions. Most cases are classified as HN only after your initial consultation with a psychologist. In some cases, the HN label may be assigned after a period of intervention due to a situation changing or more information becoming available.

As soon as cases are identified as HN we will communicate this with you and together discuss the best way to manage your child’s ongoing intervention.

Referrals and Continuity of Care

We appreciate that additional or higher rates can be a burden to intervention. In situations where your financial situation prevents you from engaging our services or continuing with the intervention, our team will work with you to locate alternative intervention options for continued intervention.

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