Terms and Conditions - Workshops

These terms and conditions (“Workshop Terms”) apply to workshops, events or programs ("events") offered by Quirky Kid Pty Ltd (we, us or our). These Workshop Terms apply in addition to our Terms and Conditions of Service, which you can access here. If there is any inconsistency between these Workshop Terms and the Terms and Conditions of Services, these Workshop Terms will prevail. 

Before Booking an Event

If you are unsure if the event you are registering for is appropriate for your child, please get in touch with our customer support team at support@quirkykid.com.au before registering. You should also review our article on determining your child’s suitability to attend our events and the terms and conditions set out below. 

By registering for one of our events, you agree to these terms and conditions. 

Acceptable Behaviour

Children attending an event are expected to demonstrate adequate behaviour at all times. We are not responsible for managing the behaviour of participants. Disruptive behaviour, non-compliance with instructions and any other behaviour that interrupts the program, as determined by the facilitator in their sole discretion, may result in expulsion from the event. The registration fee will not be refunded if a participant is excluded from an event because of a breach of this clause. 

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges 

Once you register for an event, the registration fees are non-refundable, and the ticket is not transferable or exchangeable. Please ensure you choose the event carefully and that the participant is available at the date and time of the booking, as a change of circumstances is not a reason for a refund. 

Tickets are only valid for the event, event date, and time you have booked as described on our website or event registration email. We do not provide a refund or exchange for change of mind purposes (including, for example, where a participant does not like other participants in a specific group). While we do our best to accommodate every participant’s needs, we do not guarantee or represent that a participant will like all participants in their group or all the activities we offer during the event.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, event sessions may need to be delivered online. If this is the case, you agree to participate in each session actively. Subject to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, no refunds or makeup sessions will be offered if this occurs.

Changes and Cancellations

  • Cancellations: We reserve the right to cancel an event at any time. If we cancel an event, we will refund you the registration fee you paid to us for the event.
  • Changes: We reserve the right to change a workshop's time to ensure we meet the minimum number of participants required (2 participants). We will contact you and let you know about the time change within 3 to 5 days of the workshop. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled workshop, please let us know within 24 hours of receiving the notice, and we will inform you of the next steps.
  • Replacement Sessions: If a facilitator is unable to deliver a session, we will organise a replacement session within 10 business days. If you are unable to attend the replacement session, please let us know within 24 hours of receiving the notice, and we will inform you of the next steps. 

Provision of Services

  • Events are not treatment interventions: Our events (including workshops) aim to assist in developing particular skills, developing education about a particular subject, or developing strategies to manage a particular presentation. They are educational in nature and not a health service. Events are delivered by trained and accredited facilitators who may or may not be registered health professionals.
  • Events are not guaranteed to fix an issue: Psychological presentations are complex and may require consistent and coordinated intervention.
  • Events will be mix-gender. Our events are for all genders, and any configuration may be present during the session. 
  • Events are may not suitable for all children: Our events come with certain inclusion and exclusion criteria. The following article may help you to evaluate your child'ssuitavility for our events, 
  • Age Ranges: The age ranges advertised are indicative only. At our own discretion, we may vary the ages to ensure an event can go ahead however will try and ensure that the age differences will not be too significant).
  • COVID-19: If you are instructed to self-isolate due to COVID-19 and cannot attend our Holiday workshops in person, we will provide you with a video link to attend online.


Certain legislation, including the Australian Consumer Law, may confer you and/or the participant with rights, warranties, guarantees and remedies relating to the supply of the events which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified (“Consumer Law Rights”). To the extent that you or a participant maintain Consumer Law Rights at law, nothing in these Workshop Terms excludes those Consumer Law Rights. 

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