About our Workshops and Programs

Our clinic-based workshops and programs are a popular aspect of our services. This article aims to provide parents with more information about how the programs are structured and what parents should expect.

About the Programs

Our programs are classified as psycho-educational interventions and are not stand-alone treatment. While programs and workshops may assist in addressing some psychological presentations of children and young people, they are not a treatment program. Sessions are facilitated by experienced and suitably trained facilitators. In most cases, they are psychologists or other allied health professionals. 

Participants are invited to engage in age-appropriate and issue-specific activities. Each group will receive tailored content based on the results and interpretation of parent surveys that are conducted before each workshop.

Program Formats

Our programs are available in various formats and configuration during school holiday or during the

Location Type Details Group Size
Clinic-based School holiday Single-day session  of up to 3 hours 2 to 6
Clinic-based Term program 8 to 10 sessions of 1 hour each 2 to 6

School can purchase licences for our programs. Visit http://bof.quirkykid.com.au or http://basecamp.quirkykid.com.au for more information. 

Participant Selection

Please  review our full guideline to help you to determine if our groups are suitable for your child. In general. To participate, a child should:

  1. Be able to separate from their parents without difficulty
  2. Be able to concentrate and engage in activities for up to three hours with regular breaks
  3. Have appropriate communication skills for their age
  4. Be prepared to read, write and draw to complete short activities
  5. Be respectful and behave consistently in a school setting

Please review the full guide for more information on our inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Please review the full guide for complete information.

Parent Participation and Feedback

Parental feedback depends on the program format you have registered.

For our  School Holiday workshops, group feedback is provided by email. This brief email update includes aspects of the workshop such as the activities the children participated in, general observations and useful recommendations. These feedback emails are sent out up to 48 business hours after the workshop.

For Term, Programs offer 2 x 30-minute phone feedback before and after the program, and a standardised measure is used to review progress and plan for future intervention. Parents can always request additional individual feedback, however, additional fees apply.

Unless otherwise specified, all our workshops and programs are for children only. Parents are not allowed to stay inside the therapeutic rooms during a workshop. This is to ensure a positive group dynamic and a safe and private environment for participants. We ask parents not to insist on this condition as there are no exemptions.

More information

  • Do you offer snacks?
    Yes, children are provided with fruit, water, and juice during a 15-minute break for all workshops lasting over one hour. 
  • Is there parking?
    No, however, street parking is available. 
  • Can I claim the cost of this workshop through Medicare?
    No. Workshops are not covered by Medicare. You can find out more about what services are covered by Medicare here.

Other relevant information about our Terms and Conditions, registrations, refunds and cancellations are available in this article.

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