Can you explain the school observation recommended by the Psychologist?

This article will discuss the school observation booking process, purpose and other frequently asked questions regarding this service.

Our psychologists often recommend school observations to:

  • observe a child’s specific behaviour or overall functioning in the school environment.
  • increase the amount of information available for a psychological assessment, and make recommendations more specific.
  • as required for completing a diagnostic assessment or
  • to attend to a parent’s request for a second opinion about the child's behaviour in the school setting. 

These observations provide crucial insights that will aid the psychologist in tailoring interventions and supports to promote overall academic and personal development and foster a supportive learning environment.

How long do they last?

School observations conducted by our psychologists often last between 1 to 2 hours. There are situations where the duration may increase or multiple sessions must be carried out.

How is a school observation booked?

After receiving a recommendation or request, our customer service team will provide you with written details regarding the costs and processes involved.

To proceed with the observation, parents are required to provide written approval. Once approval is granted, a customer service representative will liaise with the school to schedule a suitable time for the psychologist to conduct the observation. Communication with the school will be through both phone and email. It is worth noting that, due to organizational and logistical reasons, multiple individuals within the school, such as the principal, counselling team, and teacher(s), may be informed about the observation.

How much will it cost?

The fees associated with school observations are determined by the psychologist's schedule and account for administrative tasks, travel expenses (including tolls, parking, and taxi fares), and professional time. If you request an estimated cost via email, we will promptly provide you with one. However, please note that the final cost may vary by as much as 15% from the initial estimate.

Will my child know he/she is observed?

Observation has multiple purposes, and whether a child is aware of being observed depends on various factors. It is possible that the child may not even realize they are being observed, while on other occasions, they may be aware. For a specific response to this question, it is worth consulting your psychologist who can provide insight based on the reason for the observation.

Who else will be involved?

In a school setting, there are multiple individuals who could potentially participate in observing a child, either directly or indirectly. The level of involvement may differ depending on various factors such as the school's size, structure, procedures, and requirements. Nonetheless, usually, the Principal, school counsellor, together with other members of the counselling team, school administration staff, and the child's teacher/s would be notified about the observation.

What about my privacy?

The client's privacy is managed by our privacy policy.

However, clients concerned about their privacy when involved in the school must discuss their specific requirements with their psychologist before approving a school observation. This may require you to set aside some time to plan and strategise the school observation.

The purpose and content of notes related to the school observation are kept private and only discussed with authorised people. However, as discussed above, multiple people will become aware that the school observation is taking place. 

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