Preparing for a Video Consultation


Welcome to Quirky Kid's guide to getting the best results from our Video Consultations.  We value your time and wish for you to experience uninterrupted professional support.  To do so, it is important to ensure that you, your environment, and your devices have been tested, optimised, and ready in advance.

Quirky Kid's preferred meeting software is Google Meet as we hold a professional licenseThere is no need to download additional software on your end, though you may need to allow permission for the software to access your device's microphone and camera.

For visual learners, please skip to our Video Tutorial below.


The clinical support offered by Quirky Kid to our clients is of a confidential and private matter.  Our consultations should be held in the strictest of confidence between the client and clinician only.  Please ensure that the client's privacy is respected by allowing a comfortable space in isolation, away from third parties. This is often achieved with the help of headphones. 

What You Will Need:

  • A reliable Internet connection
  • A headphone 
  • A device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • A private, quiet, well-lit area where you will not be disturbed during the video call
  • An up to date web-browser (Chrome works best, however, Safari or Firefox will work)
  • Web-camera, speakers and microphone (usually built into laptops and mobile devices)


  • You'll receive an email confirmation that looks like this:

  • Click the link or copy and paste the link into your browser.
  • Allow the necessary prompts for permission to use your device's camera and microphone.
  • Check the Microphone and Camera icons located in the middle of the camera window are not red or have a line through them.
  • Test Video: Can you see yourself in the camera display window?  If so, great!
  • Test Sound: Do three green dots in the camera display window dance?  If so, great!
  • Select "Join Now"
  • Wait for your psychologist to allow the meeting to commence.

Video Tutorial:

Our tutorial on how to access your video appointment has been prepared for your convenience.  Enjoy!


  • Download and install any pending hardware updates on your device in advance.
  • Turn off other devices in the room that may interrupt your valuable time.
  • Have a pen and paper handy, or note-taking device.
  • If you live in an area prone to internet interruption, or multiple devices are being used in your home simultaneously, select Standard Definition from the Settings Menu icon (see video for details).
  • Avoid having your meeting with a window or bright lights behind you.  This will prevent a silhouette and allow us to see your beautiful face.


Can my child have a video appointment? 

Yes.  If you would prefer your child to consult via video, we can accommodate providing your psychologist agrees that the support provided will be adequate.

Can my child's video appointment be covered by Medicare under Telehealth?

Yes  Please consult our Medicare Items for Covid-19 Under Telehealth article.

What if I have a concern that is not listed here?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on  02 9362 9297

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