Rural, remote and interstate services

The following article has been developed for Rural, remote and interstate clients, to assist in planning the most appropriate services for their child in a short space of time.

Our psychologists are honoured to help families who travel long distances to access our services. Our school holiday workshops often attract parents who wish to make the most of a series of interventions in a short space of time.

Some families, for example, schedule an assessment prior to the workshop, while others book their children in for individual consultations during the workshop week. Our psychologists often recommend family therapy or sibling sessions as part of the case plan for families accessing intervention for their children within a one to two-week timeframe.

The tips below have been prepared to ensure children and families make the most of their precious time at The Quirky Kid Clinic.

Before you come:

  • A Skype or telephone consultation with parents is recommended prior to attending the clinic, to provide adequate background information and to establish a plan for the most suitable sequence of clinic-based intervention
  • If an assessment is necessary, parents may be asked to complete Parent Forms to provide feedback prior to attending the clinic. Feedback from your child’s classroom teacher may also be requested via a Teacher Form or a telephone consultation with a psychologist. This is best arranged prior to attending the clinic in order for the assessment to be underway when you arrive. The psychologist will require a minimum of 10 days to complete the scoring, interpretation and writing of assessment reports.
  • If assessments or reports have been conducted previously, parents are encouraged to email these to the clinic prior to the series of appointments. These provide useful background information for the psychologist, and will be included in any new assessment conducted at our clinic. Please note that fees and charges apply.
  • Families should travel to Sydney on the day prior to attending their first appointment to be sure children are well-rested, adequately exercised and settled into the local environment before arriving at the clinic. 

When you are here:

  • Provided you have completed the telephone consultation initially, the first appointment at the clinic typically involves the family unit, providing an opportunity for the psychologist to meet all family members. This reduces the focus on one single child and invites collaboration to make the most positive change possible in the limited time available. Clear goals are defined using art materials to engage children aged 2+ and their parents in the process.
  • Children may be scheduled to attend workshops or to work with more than one psychologist in the QK team during their time at the clinic. For example, one psychologist may conduct the psychometric assessments while another may facilitate individual and family therapy. Workshops are conducted in one room, while assessments and intervention are offered in others. We give the children regular breaks between activities to ensure their time at the QK clinic is stimulating and productive.
  • Providing feedback and strategies to parents is an important part of our process in helping children and families. Parent feedback sessions are always part of the series of intervention offered to long-distance clients. Families are encouraged to bring a grandparent or additional carer to supervise small children, should both parents wish to attend the parent feedback sessions without interruptions.
  • Families attending the clinic are encouraged to have breaks of 1-2 hours between appointments to help maintain focus and attention in the clinic setting. Children attending Quirky Kid workshops (2 hrs per day) are offered fruit and juice during breaks. They are also welcome to bring a lunch box or water bottle.
  • We provide follow-up Skype or telephone consultations when families return home. This helps to maintain behavioural change in different settings for extended periods, and offers necessary support to parents and children.

About the local area

  • Local parks and playgrounds provide an ideal outlet for younger siblings and parents when other children are attending workshops, assessments or individual appointments at the Sydney clinic. Local options within walking distance include: 
  1. The Holdsworth Centre, which offers an enclosed playground area, family-friendly facilities and a well-resourced outdoor playgroup ($5) during school terms (9am-12pm). All welcome.
  2. Centennial Parklands offers a large open space, lots of trees, a cafe, two modern playgrounds, bikes for hire, duck ponds and sporting fields. (See map)
  3. Queen St, Woollahra is a bustling, tree-lined street with cafes, clothing stores, a newsagent, hotel, a fish and sushi shop, a chicken and salad shop, as well as Thai food and a juice bar. (See map)

We very much hope clients traveling from rural, remote and interstate locations will enjoy their time at The Quirky Kid Clinic while gaining effective support and strategies to implement at home and at school. 


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