Does my Private Health Insurance cover the cost of my sessions?

Some private fund rebates are available for psychological services. In general, you must purchase that option when selecting your type of cover. It is important that you review your level of coverage before engaging with our services.

To find out if you are covered, and how much you are able to claim per session, you will need to contact your provider directly. Below are a list of private funds known to have some level of coverage for psychological services.

  • ahm
  • Australian Unit
  • Frank
  • Cua
  • Nib
  • Medibank
  • Navy Health
  • ACA Health
  • Bupa
  • Duget Direct
  • Techers Health Find
  • Hbf
  • other.

Important notices

  • It is important to note that you cannot claim rebates through both Medicare and your Private Health Provider - you must choose one only.
  • All of our invoices are made in the name of the patient. This means that parent sessions, are also addressed to the child (the identifiable patient) and our administration staff can not change those details at a later date.
  • We cannot and will not back date an invoice, change the description of service or alter any information that we are required to include on a health record like a receipt.
  • Once the receipt is issued it cannot and will not be changed, unless we have made a mistake that warrants correction.

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