How do you bill for your services?

The Quirky Kid Clinic charges in accordance with a  Schedule of Fees. The schedule is updated yearly and is based on the Australian Psychological Society schedule of fees. The hourly rates for 2016/2017 range from $180 to $295.

You can access the current Schedule of Fess online. 

The information provided in this article is intended to assist with the interpretation of the Schedule of Fees and to answer Frequently Asked Questions. The Schedule of Fees is used to define how a service will be billed.

Key information about the schedule.

  1. Minimum charge: You will be charged a minimum fee each time you request a service regardless of the duration of that service. The minimum fee is equivalent to 30 minutes of the service rate. 
  2. Billing increments: After the initial hour of service we bill in 30 minutes increments. 
  3. Reports and Letters: Reports and letters are not included as part of any service but are charged separately. 

Frequent Asked Questions: 

  • Do you offer free services?
    No. Quirky Kid is a private clinic, and we work on a fee-for-service basis. 
  • Are all services charged the same?
    No. Each service is charged in accordance with its respective item on the schedule of fees and to the professional that delivers the service. 
  • Do you charge for telephone consultations?
    Yes. Telephone consultations are charged in accordance with the schedule of fees. 
  • Do you charge for consultations with a teacher or other professional involved in the care of a patient?
    Yes. Consultations with third parties are defined as ‘Case conferences’.  This service is also charged in accordance with the schedule of fees.
  • Is a report included in the cost the session?
    No. A report, or any other written documentation, is not included in the cost of a consultation.

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