Terms and Conditions of Service


It is generally difficult to provide an accurate price estimate of a health services due to the personal nature of such services and the number of variables involved in the treatment of each person. As such, the fees presented on the ‘Schedule of Fees’ are available to assist you in making an informed decision. Only a Psychologists will be able to discuss your individual plan and the likely duration  of treatment or assessment.

The following terms are also designed to assist you in making an informed consent before engaging with your service.

  1. Acceptance of the Schedule of Fees:
    1. You accept our Schedule of Fees and Terms and Conditions by: a) making an appointment with us or, b) completing our Intake Form electronically or manually or c) by continuing to make appointment or provide us with instructions; 
    2. Upon acceptance you agree to pay for our services on these terms.
  2. Appointment confirmations:
    1. All appointments  are confirmed in writing via email.
    2. You are responsible to check your email for a confirmation, including your spam box.
    3. If a confirmation email does not arrive or can’t be located, you are responsible for contacting us, within 2 hours of making an appointment over the phone or online.
    4. If there is any doubt or confusion regarding verbal confirmation or written confirmation of an appointment,  the written confirmation is always the correct one.
  3. Our Schedule of Fees:
    1. We will charge you professional's fees for the services provided to you in accordance to the Schedule of Fees.
    2. The Schedule of fees is revised yearly on July first each year. 
    3. The Schedule of fees is an itemised list. Some services provided to you are calculated on a unit basis, and are not calculated on a time basis
    4. You are responsible for reviewing the ‘Schedule of Fee’ prior to requesting a service.
    5. If you can not afford our services and request a referral, we will refer you, to an alternative service or to an agency that can assist you in locating other services. We do not offer bulk billing arrangements under Medicare.
  4. Estimation and Quotes:
    1. If you request a cost estimate, we can provide you one. However, there are some factors which may impact upon the cost estimate provided and may include the following: 

      1) the number and duration of telephone calls or other communication; 2) your prompt and efficient response to requests for information or instructions; 3) whether your instructions are varied; 4) whether documents have to be revised in light of varied instructions; 5) other persons with whom we deal and the level of cooperation of the  clients and other persons involved; 6) the complexity of your service request.

  5. Expenses and Disbursements:
    1. We will be responsible for internal expenses which we incur in providing you with a service, except when these expenses are described on the Administration fees table ‘Schedule of Fees’
    2. We may incur disbursements (being money which we pay or we are liable to pay to others on your behalf). Disbursements may include registrations fees, court filing fees, process server fees, travel expenses, transcript expenses and etc. You will pay us for disbursement costs.
  6. Billing Arrangements:
    1. Fees are charged to the credit card provided up to between 48 hours before and  24 hours after the scheduled service. 
    2. Some services may require upfront payment.
    3. Telephone consultations and teleconferences require payment upon booking.
    4. If you book an Initial Consultation online and cancel the service within the cancellation period, a booking fee of $15 will charged regardless of the notice period. 
    5. We required you to provide us with your credit card details before making a booking with us. By providing us with those details you authorise us to store and use those details to bill you for services scheduled, rendered and any relevant cancellation charges. You can request this authorization to be cancelled, but only after all due fees are paid in full.
    6. Interest at the rate of 10% p.a will be charged on any amounts unpaid after the expiry of 30 days after a tax invoice is given to you. An accounting keeping fee of $20 a month is also charged to unpaid accounts.
    7. If you do not pay a tax invoice issued to you we will seek to recover the amount of the invoice plus interest and costs.
  7. Retention and Copying of Your files:
    1. The files we hold are our copyright and property.
    2. You can request access to your files at any time, unless prevented by law. If you require a copy of your files, your Psychologist will discuss the most appropriate form of access.
    3. There are fees and charges associated with file access and retrieval.
    4. Children’s files are stored until the child turns 25 years of age. After this date they may be destroyed unless legislation requires otherwise. Your (express or implied) agreement to these terms constitutes your authority for us to destroy the file after the above period.
  8. Termination by us:
    1. We may cease to providing services to you while any of our tax invoices remain unpaid or: 1a) if you do not, within 7 days, comply with any request to pay an amount in respect of disbursements or future costs; or 2) if you fail to provide us with clear or timely instructions or information to enable us to advise on your child’s treatment; or 3) if you indicate to your psychologist or they form the view that you have lost confidence in their work; or 4) if there are any ethical arise and your psychologist consider it is on your best interest they cease acting for you, for  example a conflict of interest. 5) If you behave in an aggressive, threatening or disrespectful way towards any of our staff.
  9. GST:
    1. Where applicable, GST is payable on my professional fees and expenses and will be clearly shown on our tax invoices. By accepting these terms you agree to pay me an amount equivalent to the GST imposed on these charges.
  10. Governing Law
    1. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

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